For S. Valentine’s Day there is nothing more precious that time spent with your partner on a romantic dinner. Flowers, candles, soft music, an elegant table, a menu that suites both palates and a wine that pares every course.

Should you wish to create a unique and special evening , read our advices on how to pare wine to our S. Valentine’s Menu.


Salmon Rose marinated with citrus fruit on parmesan cream

A simple starter with many angles : sea flavours, citrus scent and the parmesan fluidity create a sensational and balanced mixture. Like a great love story…

Our paring advise is our Vermentino Igilium with no added sulphites: its apple delicate scent, citrus fruits and white flowers will reach the salmon, offering you an unforgettable experience.

Main Course

Risotto with asparagus, prawns and cherry tomatoes

Risotto is a best seller of the Italian Cuisine and it can give the possibility to find always new recipes. Experiments keep a lively relationship: prawns and asparagus softness finds a great and unexpected bond with the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes.

What shall we pare with this great course? Our Fiano Iannutri with no added sulphites, with memories of exotic fruit and scented yellow flowers, will pare every mouthful giving a unique and surprisingly aftertaste

Meat Second Course

Filet of Beef with chocolate reduction, cranberries and purple potatoes.

In the kitchen, like in love, you must hazard: juicy meat, dark chocolate, crunchy cranberries and soft potatoes that melts in your mouth.

If you think impossible to pare this gastronomic wonder try it with our Petit Verdot Dantés with no added Sulphites: wild exotic fruit, balsamic and green pepper hints will surprise your taste buds in a romantic and harmonious dance

Enjoy your dinner and remember: “Wine prepares your heart to passion”. Ovidio

Azienda Agricola Purovino