“The small company Purovino, located in the heart of the Maremma, pays particular attention to producing wines in respect of the environment and the consumer. A sustainable viticulture based on the non-use of synthetic chemicals in the vineyard and sulfur dioxide in the cellar, thanks to the innovative patented “Purovino” method, hence the name, an eco-sustainability that will culminate with certified organic management starting from the 2021 harvest.
The company processes various native and international grape varieties, strictly in purity, so as to enhance the varietal expression. ”

It is with these beautiful words that the Bibenda 2022 guide described our reality, also assigning 4 bunches to Monte Christi 2019, 3 bunches to Igilium 2020, 3 bunches to Mallius 2019 and 3 bunches to Dantés 2019.

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Azienda Agricola Purovino