Our Journey

In  2008 we invented our Purovino Method. This task gave us, throughout the years, the opportunity to know the vine world,  wine and good drinking. The discovery of the charm of grapes transformation into good wine has driven me, Valentina, and my husband Cesare into the choice of creating a place, away from industrial schemes, in a small village nested in the heart of Maremma. The landscape that surrounds our winery and the uncontaminated nature of this area of Tuscany, completed our dream of a return to nature, back to our roots. Our first Sangiovese, Vermentino and Petit Verdot vines were implanted in 2012, followed by  Fiano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pugnitello a couple of years later.   

2015 gifted us with our first Harvest .

Our wines come from hand-picked grapes, organically grown. Manual and mechanical weeding to avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers and harmful chemical pesticides, accurate pruning,  manual harvesting,  careful grape/bunches selection and a meticulous wine production with no added sulphites are the winery main strength and value. Our winery can be considered probably as the only sulphites-free winery within Tuscany. 

Vineyards are carefully managed to preserve the good earth that nourishes them. Sustainable agriculture and accurate winery practices conserve water and energy, maintain healthy land and protect air and water quality.

In all our wines you can recognize the taste of the fruit itself, also because we produce single-variety wines, using only the best fruits of our vines.



Innovation & Sustainability

Our choices have always been oriented towards environment and sustainability: less chemicals and innovative processes to help and preserve our territory and its surrounding.  We strongly believe that Environmental revolution is our duty.

Energy consumption, even for a small winery, has an enormous impact on nature. We therefore involved a specialized company to deal with the main and most difficult steps, like for example the winery temperature control and the heating of the additional buildings that, with traditional systems, would consume tons of energy. We installed a heat pump water/water that, during winter, produces sanitary hot water, maintains a constant temperature of the tanks and provides heating.

During summer time the heat pump maintains the tanks cold temperature and cools down the building. The hot water that is therefore produced as a “waste” is then reused as sanitary hot water and to fill up the swimming pool. After being used for hot water and swimming pool, we use the well water to dissolve the heat. That water is then used to irrigate the garden.  

The heat pomp is connected to 20kW solar photovoltaic panels , which make our winery carbon neutral and capable of leading clean energy into the electrical grid. We can remotely manage and control all the heat production and distribution and eventual breakdowns and or irregularities in order to intervene very quickly.

And least but not last , in 2022 we installed a weather station to control climate evolution to reduce or even avoid, when possible, unneeded crop treatments .


Azienda Agricola Purovino